Sony Presents the PlayStation 4~

ds4Here is a recap of the Sony conference regarding the brand new PS4. Unfortunately during this press conference we didn’t get the meat and potatoes that we wanted such as price points, and what the console actually looks like but we did get some new announcements.

This console will have an 8 core CPU, and a faster processor with a second chip. Why another chip that is for the additional features. The power will be awesome with the 8GB of ram. Dual shock 4 controllers will have a headphone jack, as well as a light bar for 3D camera users. Software will allow for more integration, previews, and streaming. The rumors were so true!

Colorama Folio Series for iPad mini - Black

Colorama Folio Series for iPad mini – Black

Game play streaming is a brand new feature, as well as pause, rewind, and record gameplay to upload.  Did you know you could have your friends take over a tough spot in a game for you YES technology has advanced!! Remote play with the PS Vita has been added aka the WiiU, you can use it as an interface tool as well as cross play. You can use the console of the PS4 or the Vita with new games and graphics. Now if you don’t have a PS Vita that will suck.

Quick to play functionality is brand new. Say you download a game from the Sony store and you do not want to wait for it to boot, you can play the base of the game while the rest of the components are getting ready. The smart system will install and download a game that you might like that is spiffy. If you don’t like the games chosen that will suck, as well as if it just eats up memory.

Awww Sony did announce that PS3 games would not work on the PS4 they can only be streamed.  Hopefully a library will be available because consumers will not be happy with that one. The PS move will work with the PS4 hopefully it keeps up with the Kinect in the future.

All in all I know that the graphics will be amazing for the PS4 especially if your TV is a beast. Although the PS4 announcement didn’t blow me away I do like the background features with downloading and sharing.  E3 is coming so hopefully we will get price points and the actual console in our faces soon. The release date for the PlayStation 4 is holiday season very smart Sony!!

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