Identity Theft Movie Review~


It is time for another movie review! I saw the commercials for this movie and I had to check it out. Ever since Melissa McCarthy was in Bridesmaids I have fallen in love with her comedic timing. The commercials did this movie no justice-non stop laughter. Melissa McCarthy plays the lighthearted criminal Diana who has taken the identity of Sandy Patterson played by Jason Bateman. I always think about additional roles in movies and no one else came to mind for casting the lead roles, that is always great. The chemistry between Melissa and Jason really clicked, and I am so glad it wasn’t forced.

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The real Sandy Patterson  is in Denver and Diana aka Sandy Patterson number two resides in Florida. After giving Sandy a phone call posing to be a help agency for stolen identities Diana ends up really stealing his identity. Leaving his job to follow his dreams to be a Vice President of a firm Sandy feels as though his life is turning for good. That changes when Diana charges more than 12,000 to his credit and ends up giving him plenty of charges on his record. To not lose him job Sandy has one week to track down Diana so that she can confess.

Speaking of confessions I really enjoyed Morris Chestnut as the police officer. I also enjoyed John Cho(Harold and Kumar) as Sandy’s business partner. TI was surprisingly in 60% of the movie as Julian on the hunt for Diana for their own motives. While Robert Patrick played the bounty hunter. Although their scenes were funny that sub story did not develop fully and it seemed like a nuisance.

I absolutely adored the scenes with the kids, as well as Big Chuck played by Eric Stonestreet. Jon Favreau one of my favs played Harold Cornish and although his part was fairly small I enjoyed his sarcasm.

There were so many car scenes, and stunts. While some I could tell her green screened, others looked flawless. For the most part all of the actors had very funny moments that the audience could catch especially TI and Melissa. By the end of the movie the whole dynamic between the main characters had changed and it left you rooting for both of them. Melissa better CRY!

I thought I would know by the end how this movie would play out, but it took a great surprising turn. The jail scene was golden! Melissa McCarthy gets a gold star from me, she is hilarious. Identity Theft was not solely about Jason Bateman’s character although Sandy’s identity was stolen Diana’s was taken from her as well, but in the end they both found what they were looking for.

If you are looking for a hilarious movie that you will quote for days on end, check out Identity Theft it’s a great one. Kudos for it being almost 2 hours! This movie gets a 4 out of 5 from me!

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