Uniea Hearts Series Case Review

It is time for another case spotlight for the Uniea Hearts Series for the iPhone5. Uniea keeps up with the integrity of the iPhone 5’s slimmer exterior with this case. The Hearts series has an awesome glossy UV coating with various designs. Being that I am a certified case fanatic, I can always appreciate a great design! The Oldschool hearts design mixes old school and new school. I have used this case for about a week, and I have the same feelings I do about the StreetArt Series; it will last forever in case years. This case comes in three styles; elegant, oldschool, and passionate. The elegant style has a white background with black hearts. The oldschool style has a navy blue background with red hearts. Last but not least the passionate style has a baby pink background with black hearts; my personal favorite.

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 11.21.49 PM Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 11.21.53 PM

The case I received from Uniea is the Oldschool that offers great protection as well as design. This case is similar to Uniea’s other series that are very slim and lightweight offering maximum protection with ABS construction. The design is too cute and with the glossy UV coating it will guarantee to look fresh even with heavy use. Believe me I have tried it it WORKS! This series also includes new sides rails that helps with butter hands such as myself so your phone stays put.


There are precision cut outs for the brand new lightening connection port as well as the volume rocker. There is a slight lay on the table design, but you should still have a screen protector for the front. You can’t forget the lanyard that is included for carrying, that would explain the two dots at the bottom of your case. This case is $24.95 I would give this case a 9/10!!



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