Dolby No Glasses 3D Coming Soon~








CES 2013 might be over, but I am still discovering new finds, introducing the Dolby No Glasses 3D television. Of course there are 3D capable televisions on the market, but it is only just an add on for lots of consumers. Why you might ask, because of the additional glasses you have to purchase. Forget about having a 3D movie party for 10 or more if you only have 3 pairs of glasses; that would not be cute swapping at every scene. Big ups to Dolby for this innovative idea that will soon be available to us all if content providers want all in on this deal. Cross your fingers!

I personally did not purchase a 3D television, player, and glasses because I own prescription glasses, it is a huge sensory overload for me, especially when it comes to headaches. I want to give all of the creators at Dolby a big hug for this one.

Dolby and Phillips came together to create a 3D glasses free viewing for content and displays. Of course you will still have a vivid, clear, 3D picture, that wont change, but there are some new additions to this experience.

The 3D glasses free viewing experience will work on any 3D tv, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. The convenience of this puppy is amazing, the evolution of smart phones is baffling to me. Wondering how this 3D experience will fit on these devices, this experience automatically optimizes 3D content for that specific device and screen size. Dolby did not lie when they said you will not have to work hard with this. The best part about this experience you can sit anywhere in a room for 3D. No more sitting smack dab in front of your television, or worrying about being out of the frame.

Dolby has definitely listened to consumers reviews and watched the 3D television slow sales from the previous year. I truly believe this will captivate many audiences, and this will be awesome for children. Want to learn more from Dolby click here!

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