Big Happenings in 2012. Are you ready for 2013?

iPadMiniThere is no doubt that 2012 was one of the most exciting in terms of electronics and cool gadgets. We at UNIEA have been incredible excited about the new Apple and Samsung products that seemed to captivate the world with breathless anticipation. This was the year where we saw exciting new products as well as improvements to old. All along the way UNIEA has continued to keep up with the new products to provide our great customers with proven, durable, and stylish cases and accessories.

Since 2012 was so exciting, should be we looking forward to an even better 2013?

If we were to boil down the entire year into one amazing story it would have to be all about Apple. Never before has Apple been so busy releasing new and improved products in its history. As a little rundown, in 2012 we saw;

A new Retina Display iPad
A 4th Generation iPad
New styles and colors for the iPod family
A redone and reimagined iMac all-in-one desktop computer
A new OS X version for Mac computers
iOS 6 was released with improvements (and some failures)
A brand new iTunes 11 which brought more iCloud funcionality and a new interface
The beautiful, larger iPhone 5
And the iPad Mini

Even if that was an exhausted list it would be impressive, however there were plenty of other tweaks, changes, and improvements of older Apple products that are just too many to list.

The point of this is not to be a cheerleader for Apple, but to let you know how quickly things advance and how exciting all of these new things are. Along the entire way UNIEA has kept their finger on the pulse of all of these changes and kept up our product line with each step.

As the new iPhone 5 was being rumored, and finally released, UNIEA was developing an incredible array of iPhone 5 cases that brought back designs that have always been popular as well as some exciting new cases, styles, and graphics. For instance, the FranklyFelt series of iPhone 5 cases is a new line, but carries a brazen attitude with its graphic and message.

Of course, 2012 saw two new versions of the iPad that introduced Retina display and then a lighter, faster version later in the year. All along UNIEA has kept up our iPad cover line with strong, stylish, and beautiful hard cases and folios.

Perhaps the biggest news of the year has to be the new iPad Mini. This device is a 7.9 inch version of the larger 10 inch iPad. It is also a device that was said would never exist. So, it is not a small development that Apple has jumped into the smaller, handheld tablet foray. Keeping up with Google, Amazon, and Asus in the 7 inch tablet world demanded that Apple make a move. And, so they did.

And, it was well received. Millions of units of the iPad Mini have been sold throughout the world. It is changing the face of tablet computing – both large and small – and is being highly sought after. Again, UNIEA was right in step with this new device and released an amazing line of iPad mini cases.

AdvertisingImage-ColoramaFolio-Black_1000x1000The Colorama Folio and the Soft Suit Folio are a smaller version of their iPad counterparts. However, they should not just be looked at as a smaller case. They fit the iPad Mini seamlessly and caress the device with a strong frame and pleasant weight.

As a way of saying “Thank you” to our loyal customer base we have been holding a massive After Christmas Sale. During the week between the day after Christmas and the day ofter New Years, anyone who makes a purchase at the site can save an instant 40% off their entire order. Plus, there is a flat fee of $7.95 shipping anywhere in the world! So, if you got one of these new devices for Christmas you can get the accessories and cases you need at an amazing savings! All you need to do is use promo code UXMAS12 at the checkout.

Yes, 2012 has been an amazing year in gadgets and at UNIEA. But, we are all looking forward to an even greater 2013!

Happy New Year!


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