UNIEA iPad Mini Cases Stand Tall With Quality and Pop!

When it comes to innovation, design, and protection of your beloved tablet, UNIEA continues its excellent tradition with their new line up of iPad Mini cases.

When the iPad Mini was announced in Oct. and then later released in Nov. there was a lot of excitement around the web. Now, finally there was a smaller iPad, that could fit into one hand, be easily used with all of the iPad apps, and finally be that bridge between having to carry a laptop, tablet, and phone in order to cover all the bases. The iPad Mini fills the gap nicely and offers a wide range of industries a new alternative for production and service.

At UNIEA we are interested in not only providing great products, but also keeping in step with the newest products and technologies. We are proud of our iPad and iPhone cases, and now we add our selection of iPad Mini cases. As of now we have released to our customers two different offerings. The Colorama Folio and the Soft Suit Folio lines. Both have their own great qualities and both are durable, strong, and offer great protection – and UNIEA style – to your iPad mini.

The Soft Suit Folio iPad Mini Case

The Soft Suit Folio has always been a unique line in both functionality and its design. With many of our great cases, the Soft Suit Folio is a snap on case that wraps the iPad mini in complete style. This line also has a rich PU leather covering that gives the case a soft feeling. It comes in six incredible colors including pink, white, yellow, orange, black, and blue.

The fold over cover also helps out with holding your iPad Mini, in portrait or landscape mode, for viewing videos and movies, or using a bluetooth keyboard for typing documents. The case also features card holders for your credit cards, business cards, or other information you want to keep with you.

UNIEA Colorama Folio

Mobile workers and commuters rejoice at the sight of this incredibly elegant looking case. The rich, classic look and feel of fine PU leather with youth-inspired features transform your iPad mini into an all-in-one portal for your mobile lifestyle.
To help you stand out the Colorama Folio line has five incredible colors that really pop in every detail. There is pink, orange, lime green, white and black. Each color gives the Colorama Folio a new look.

This great case also acts as a stand so you can view videos and movies, or set your iPad Mini up with a bluetooth keyboard for typing and work on the go. The iPad Mini is perfect for education, corporate, and even service industries because of the compact size. Because of this, UNIEA has incorporated a stylus holder into the case for those moments when you want to take notes or give a presentation.

Another snap on case, the interior has a scratch proof lining with the exterior wrapped in rich PU leather for a softer feel. The fold over cover gives superior protection for your screen for those rare occasions when your iPad Mini is not in use.

Check out UNIEA’s selection of iPad Mini, iPad, and iPhone cases today for quality, durability, and style.


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